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Feeling Uncomfortable with Social Media?

You're Not Alone! (And Here's How to Start Building Your Brand Anyway)

Even industry professionals like myself have felt the awkwardness of putting your brand out there. Back in the day, showing my brand online felt super weird, even though I'd helped countless others feel comfortable doing it.

The thing I learned? We all have something we feel confident doing.

Some people rock the camera, some write with passion (like me!), and some love taking amazing photos. Figure out what makes you feel your best, and start there!

Here are 5 ways to build brand confidence online, even if you're not a social media guru:

  1. Remember, the web is your oyster! Social media isn't the only place to shine. Magazines, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters are all fantastic options. Think beyond hashtags and explore platforms that suit your voice and audience.

  2. Create your brand roadmap. This isn't just some fancy term – it's your guiding light! Some might scoff at branding for startups, but it's crucial for consistency. Your brand is how people remember you. My energy, boldness, and even electronic business card, they're all part of my brand. But before I could build that, I had to nail down my message and what made me unique. Do this before hitting "publish" on that first piece of content.

  3. Consistency is key, and feedback is gold. As business owners, we can get tunnel vision with our brand, sometimes forgetting how others perceive it. We might think our brand is the bee's knees (and it might be!), but closing ourselves off to feedback limits our growth. So, share your content and ask for honest feedback. Be open to criticism, it can be the best gift to your brand!

  4. AI? Friend or foe? I love a good prompt as much as anyone, but when it comes to making an impact, I roll up my sleeves and create my own content. Then, I let AI add the finishing touches like a sprinkle of magic. Remember, it's still MY voice, just with a little technological boost.

  5. Content creation marathon, anyone? Block out two uninterrupted hours each week to dedicate to content creation. Write a blog post, brainstorm podcast topics, or record a video – whatever makes you shine. You might not create 10 things, but one masterpiece is all it takes to start. And hey, I even have a guide on how to do this in under two hours. This guide also equips you with effective tools to delegate content creation efficiently if you're planning to hire someone to handle it. (Shameless plug, I know!) Grab it for just $4.99 here!

Don't stretch yourself thin across too many platforms. Focus on where your audience lives and breathes, and do it well. Quality over quantity always wins.

So, ditch the self-doubt and embrace your unique awesomeness. The world needs your voice, your story, and your brand. Start with what makes you comfortable, and watch your confidence soar! And remember, I'm always here cheering you on:).

P.S. Feel free to reach out for any questions or just to chat about branding! I love connecting with fellow adventurers on this journey. Let's Talk!

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